Graphic Design has always been my passion. Long before I graduated from the University of Colorado with a BFA, I was designing greeting cards, cartoons, posters and signs for friends, family and roommates. There has always been a pencil in my hand as I’ve observed life. I have been very lucky to have made a successful career doing what I love to do and what comes naturally. It is joyful to speak to a class of high school students entering the field. We talk about the realities of being in business for yourself versus working for someone else.

When working with a client on a new project, I listen carefully to the objective, try to see their vision, understand where they have been, and what obstacles they’re dealing with before helping them reach the best design solution given their time and resources. All the while, I am making mental observations on their style and sensibilities, because often even the things they are NOT saying are important clues to the design solution. It’s a lot like listening to music. The spaces between notes and phrases are an important part of the arrangement.

No job feels successful to me until the client feels heard and is delighted with the outcome, knowing that together we have created visually what they produce physically, be it music, business, marketing, retail, production or manufacturing.

Each new project is a window into another world, and that journey requires all of my senses to be awake and listening. Only then, can I hope to deliver a completely original and appropriate concept to my client. To this day, I am still awed and thrilled by the organic process and outcome of this collective, creative process.