F A Q s

  • Do I need to know a lot of technical info before contacting Sandy Frye Design? 
    Not at all. You’re not expected to know exactly what you want or need before contacting us. We’ll explain the different types of web design and print services we can offer and help you decide what will work best for your individual needs and goals. Whether you know precisely what you’d like, or want to explore the options, we are here to help.
  • Is a website going to cost a fortune? How much should I expect to pay for a website?
    Web design and development service costs are determined on a case-by-case basis. There are base fees for standard websites, WordPress websites, and online shops. However, every client’s needs differ, and my prices are adjusted accordingly. We’ll work within your budget to create a plan that maximizes the features and SEO benefits for your project. Our philosophy is that everyone should have a web presence, whether it’s a simple digital business card, a comprehensive corporate site, an online shop, etc… we offer solutions for everyone.
    Because ours is a small company, you’ll find that our prices are considerably less than the competition. And we try to offer features with an emphasis on both the form and function of your website. After all, what good is a gorgeous website if nobody views it? A visually unimpressive site doesn’t do the job, no matter how many people view it. Together we’ll make it visually arresting and memorable.We invite you to send us a Quick Quote request to see how affordable and feature-rich our design service really is.
  • How do you keep your prices so low?
    Simple. We run a small company with low overhead. That’s really it. We feel that our work speaks for itself, so we don’t have the need for a sales department. We rely almost entirely on word of mouth marketing from satisfied clients, which not only equates to huge savings on both ends, but also proves that quality and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance. Low overhead, non-existent advertising expenses and small number of employees create huge savings that we’re able to pass onto you the client, while still producing award-winning designs.
  • So, what’s the catch?
    No catch, really. With Sandy Frye Design, you get the best of both worlds; top notch web design and reasonable rates. What you won’t get is a lot of sales fluff. As a client, you will work directly with Sandy Frye for all aspects of the project, thus cutting out the need for a salesperson completely. Our philosophy is simple: quality work + honest pricing = happy clients. No smoke, no mirrors, no fluff.
  • What sort of SEO (search engine optimization) do you offer?
    Every website is optimized for search engine recognition using all organic methods (or non-paid methods). Along with some very talented programmers, we utilize all methods of search engine optimization, including effective meta data creation, keyword correlation, alternative image text, descriptive file names, non-bloated coding practices and more.Although Google is very secretive about the exact characteristics of their search algorithms, we make a point of keeping informed and up to date with the latest in SEO and SEM strategies, and apply these techniques to all of our web projects. Every custom website is hand-coded to the standards set forth by the W3. This results in streamlined code that is more easily digested and parsed by Google’s search bots. In other words, Google can easily recognize the keywords and search phrases peppered throughout the content of the site. This ease of bot indexing is favored by search engines, and increases the sites ranking.
  • What sort of SEM (search engine marketing) do you offer?
    Although we don’t specialize in advanced SEM, we do provide effective tools that can significantly boost a websites exposure on the web. Namely, the WordPress blog, which is included with our standard websites. Visit the WordPress Blog section to see how WordPress greatly enhance Search Engine Marketing. You might be surprised.Finally, we include a lot of social networking elements in our custom websites. Everything from Twitter Feeds to Social Quick Links. Visit the custom website section for details about out social networking strategies.
  • What do I get with a website from Sandy Frye Design? 
    Well, it really depends on the particular project. Each project is tailored specifically to a client’s individual needs and goals. However, there are some design and development staples that are included with every site. Visit the custom website section for details about our base features.
  • How long does it take to complete a website?
    On average, our websites can take 3-4 weeks to complete. However, time frames really depend on the size and complexity of your project. We work with you, and we need feedback and content from you as we progress. So, you are a big part — if not the biggest part — of the time equation. We make every effort to complete our web projects in the most timely manner without cutting corners. We’ll spend a bit more time than most on the design layout and aesthetic look of your website. We take pride in creating unique websites that are memorable to your viewers. We also ensure properly written code so that your website displays flawlessly on all platforms and browsers. We believe that taking the time to design and develop a quality site is far more important than knocking out as many sites as humanly possible… we’re all about quality, not quantity.
  • Are your custom websites mobile compatible?
    Yes. We design within the constraints of the common smart phones, including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.
  • What are hosting & domain names? With any website, a hosting account and a domain name are required. Essentially, a hosting account is a rented space on a server; it is where the website resides and is displayed on the world wide web. The domain name is the websites unique url, or web address.
  • Do you provide hosting & domain names? 
    We do not provide these services directly, but we’re happy to help you setup a hosting account and select a domain name. We work with, and recommend two companies, HostMonster and Godaddy. These are both reputable, affordable companies, with excellent customer service.We do not provide hosting and domain name registration because it is not cost effective to our clients. A lot of web design companies that provide “their own” hosting and domain names are simply reselling these services from commercial companies, but with an additional price markup. We just don’t think that’s fair to our clients, so we remove ourselves as the middle-person, allowing our clients to pay only the retail price for hosting and domain.
  • Do you offer e-commerce solutions? 
    Yes, we offer several solutions to meet your individual goals and budget. From entry level to enterprise online shops, we have the right e-commerce solution for you.
  • I need a logo & business cards too. Do you do that also? 
    Of course! We design logos, business cards, letterhead, brochures, postcards, and any other marketing or branding media. Our logos and print designs are based on your input and style, and can be anything from minimalist to complex. Please visit our portfolio for samples of our work.