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Musician/Band Semi-Custom Websites starting at $750 include:

Custom Banner
A custom text treatment of your name. If you have particular fonts in mind, please suggest them. Otherwise, let us do the design work, and we promise to choose something appropriate, classy and elegant.
Your Title
Instant identity recognition with your name, genre, talent, and geographical location built into the banner. Booking agent approved!
25 Word Description of You
Promoters, booking agents, and presenters shouldn’t have to work at figuring out your genre… this is a snippet of text they can see immediately, copy and paste into their material or read on the air.
About You
Your biography — provided by you — should not exceed 285 words. That sounds like a lot of verbiage, but don’t worry, it goes quicker than you think!
3 Photos of You
Our music industry advisors assure us that three photos is plenty, and suggest using Facebook if you want to show more. If you do want more on your site, consider an additional Custom Lightbox Gallery. See below.
3 Embedded MP3s
3 non-downloadable MP3s supplied by you will be embedded in the site and can be listened to while reader is viewing your site.
2 CDs for Sale via CD Baby
Up to two CDs may be featured along with a purchase button which will take the buyer to CD Baby, Amazon, or iTunes, or wherever you are selling your music. If you need help with these accounts, let us know.
Sidework Section
Do you also give lessons? Record other artists? Videotape live performances? Play at weddings? Use this section to talk about it with an email link to you.
Booking Info
Whatever you would like to say about how you like to be hired, paid, your rates, etc. in this section with an email link to you.
Online Mini-Press Kit
This is where promoters will find the high-res photos they need for print, and possibly your logo, if you have one. But if you need a more extensive press kit, consider devoting a page to it. See Full Press Kit Page below.
3-4 Testimonials
Here is where you will include a few nice things people have said about you. Be sure to get permission to print their names.
Calendar of Events
In a linear format, list your upcoming gigs, events and performances.
Contact Information
Includes your name, email, phone number and a message field so people can make online requests. This is a simple and quick way for you to collect emails.
Social Media Links
Links to your Facebook, MySpace Music, Twitter and/or Email.
Mailing List Sign Up
If you don’t have a mailing list yet, get one started! This form will create a spreadsheet of names and emails for you.
1-Hour Tutorial
Once created, we want to give you the keys to your own car. Learn the simple back-end tricks to change text and edit dates, etc. If this exceeds one hour, our hourly rate kicks in.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

Domain Name
A domain name, such as We recommend you set this up at the same place you purchase your web hosting (see next section).
A Host Server
This is the place that hosts your website (e.g. and are good choices and will walk you through the process step-by-step.

What We Need From You:

50% Deposit
Your music is our inspiration… and your deposit is our motivation.
Your High-Resolution Photos
These need to be 300 DPI and the best-quality shots you have of yourself. We highly recommend using a professional photographer for your shoot. Let us know if you’d like suggestions.
Your Stuff
Your information, that is. We will send you a checklist to fill out, and your own private, online folder to put everything in. Once the checklist is completed and the photos and MP3s are in your folder, we can begin your project. It’s going to be fun!

Additional Things to Consider as You Grow Your Site:

Photo Slideshow
An automatic rotating slide show of your photos in the main photo area (e.g.
A personal section for you to journal and talk to your subscribers and/or website visitors.
Full Calendar
A more complete day, week, or month at a glance. Perfect if you are a busy, traveling artist on tour.
Lightbox Photo Gallery
Add pictures by season, year, performance, etc. We can create an album page of photo archives with icons and enlargements.
Video Section
Got YouTube videos you’d like to embed? Entirely doable.
CDs and Downloadable MP3s Directly From Your Site
This is where your site becomes an e-commerce site and customers buy from you with credit card, Paypal, etc. You will be in the retail business now — shipping and fulfilling orders, plus calculating shipping, handling and taxes.
Lyrics Page
Sometimes you just want your lyrics to be read — since they ARE pure genius — and you were the poet behind them.
Discography Page
If you have more than two CDs, you may want to consider doing a Discography section which chronicles your entire body of work.
Achievements Page
Here is where your professional music career is laid out chronologically, including where you’ve played, toured, what CDs you have produced or on which you appear as a guest, a listing of what songs are in circulation on TV or in films, etc.
Applause Page
Maybe you have multiple reviews from music critics, fans, family, students, clients, or fellow musicians. If so, devote an entire page to your kudos!
Full Press Kit
High-res photos, your bio, stage plot, etc. all on one page. Complete with a “Send to Promoter” button at the bottom.
Email Announcements
What are you going to do with those names and email addresses you’re collecting on your site? Consider adding an email function.
Links Page
If you have a lot of people or companies you would like to thank and/or promote on your website, let’s create a page for that.