Invaluable SEO Benefits of WordPress Blogs

Not only are WordPress Blogs made for ease of information sharing, they’re also extremely effective search engine marketing tools. WordPress Blogs are ranked and indexed by Google quickly, and accessed by networks of bloggers where a standard website would not be found. WordPress Blogs inherently use several key search engine optimization methods, including meta tags, image descriptions, priority HTML tags, and static page names. They have built-in SEO features, and the more you use your blog, the more effective these features are. The SEO and networking benefits of a WordPress Blog are invaluable in today’s online world.

Over the past few years, blogs have grown in functionality and usefulness, to the vital role they play in search engine recognition and social networking today.

We offer customized WordPress blogs and content management systems to give our websites an edge in today’s online environment. WordPress offers highly functional and flexible blog systems that can be transformed into complete websites, content management systems, and even e-commerce applications. WordPress blogs are invaluable for networking, increasing traffic, creating rapport with viewers, and building backlinks to the website.

But I’m not a “Blogger”

That’s okay, you don’t have to be a prolific blogger to reap the benefits of a blog. You can think of the blog as a platform to communicate to viewers and clientele. Anything you to convey to your viewers and clientele, the blog provides an open podium just for that. Say you’re a retail store having a sale on certain items for a limited time only. The blog can be used to publicize that information immediately, thereby increasing your customer turnout. Or a furniture store, for example, could blog about decorating tips, and furniture care. A restaurant could post sample recipes, specials, cooking tips, and more. Other uses for can include announcing new items, promoting specials, advertising services, providing general industry news, company news etc. The uses are literally infinite.

The more the blog is used, and the wider the range of blog subjects, the more exposure the website will receive. It’s all about giving your viewers and clientele a reason to keep coming back, and to share your site with others. Every business, regardless of the industry, can benefit immensely from the use of a blog. It only takes the motivation and desire to reach out to your viewers and clientele.

How Does it Work?

Blogging is quite easy. WordPress comes with a user-friendly admin panel where the owner of the site logs in and manages the blog categories and blog posts. Blog posts can have photos, photo galleries, formatted text and more. All in an easy-to-use interface.

Viewers can post comments on blog posts, and converse among themselves this way. Comments can be held for approval, posted immediately, or disabled altogether. Posted comments can be edited, ensuring no obscene or offensive content is ever displayed on the site.

For companies with multiple authors, WordPress allows for the creation of additional users. Each user can be assigned certain privileges, limiting access to the vital parts of the application.

More advanced WordPress users can install and configure any of the thousands of WordPress Plugins available. These are little program add-ons that enhance the blog’s functionality. Everything from emoticons to e-commerce, plugins allow WordPress to be highly customized.

WordPress Design for Photographers

We offer a special WordPress design and development package just for photographers. This package is tailored to meet the needs of a photography portfolio and client image proofing website. Photographers are able to manage their online portfolios using the WordPress admin panel. Additionally, the e-commerce function allows for online client proofing and print purchasing using PayPal.